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a financial advisor should be focused on more than simply where and how to invest.

Having a coordinated strategy that puts the retirement puzzle pieces of Social Security, nest egg distributions,  pensions, and tax ramifications together while accounting for the major risks all people face in retirement gives you the highest probability of success and efficiency. That's why we designed our Path to Purpose FORMula to meet your needs as your life unfolds and give you a clear view of your retirement. 


Money is important, but it's not what matters most.

What matters most is relationships with family and close friends, the freedom of a work optional lifestyle, and the ability to pursue recreational activities you desire. Money is simply a tool that enhances these key areas. This core belief is at the center of everything we do, and we NEVER lose sight of it.


We provide the most value to those with whom we are philosophically aligned.

Perhaps our most important revelation over the years and through our experiences is that we cannot be all things to all people. As such, we aim to enter professional relationships only with people with whom we are a seamless fit. This fit is determined primarily by whether someone's attitudinal qualities are aligned with ours. By operating in this way, we are able to be all things to the select group of people who matter most: our Ideal Clients.

Our ideal clients:

  • Value relationships based upon mutual trust in and service to one another

  • Respect others' feelings and are compassionate in what they do and desire

  • Have confidence in someone other than themselves to handle their wealth management needs

  • Are friendly, nice people who respect our staff and expertise

  • Empower us to do our best for them; they don't micromanage

  • Are open, honest, and good communicators

  • Have a sense of humor and perspective, and don't take themselves too seriously

  • Are motivated to listen, engage, and act on professional recommendations for following a clear path to financial independence

  • Maintain a sense of purpose in their lives and value time

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