Our Process

Our Process

Our Process

Creating a financial plan starts with getting to know you and your financial goals and dreams. We firmly believe that by undergoing our "Financial Wellness Initiative" you will gain confidence in how all the pieces of your financial picture can work together for you. In most cases the "Financial Wellness Initiative" will consist of three appointments:

1. Discovery - In our complimentary first appointment, we will get to know each other better and get a feel for if we are a fit to do business together. We ask that you bring your financial information with you to this meeting, but we will not ask for this information until you decide you are comfortable giving it to us.

2. Client Engagement - At our second appointment we will present a brief "Concerns and Opportunities Report" summarizing the areas in which we feel we will be able to provide value to you and the unique services we offer. At this point you will choose whether to engage our services and become a client, or to part ways with us as friends.

3. Plan Presentation/Implementation - This is where the rubber meets the road. After you engage our services in our second meeting we will tailor a personalized financial plan to your unique situation. We will walk you step-by-step through the components of the plan and begin working with you to implement it. This plan is the foundation that provides clarity and confidence as we empower you to make wise financial decisions.

It is important to note that because no two people are in the exact same financial position, the "Financial Wellness Initiative" may vary from person to person. We embrace the fact that you are unique and will strive to adjust the process to meet your individual needs.

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