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What We Do And How We Can Help

October 09, 2020

Your retirement has a timeline, which means that each phase along the way should look different than the last. When we’re early in our working years, our thoughts of retirement usually center around saving as much as possible. But as you get closer to the end of your career, you realize that planning for retirement has many more intricacies than that. You can’t use the same strategies and mindsets at 55 that you used when you were 30. Retirement is a puzzle, and every piece needs to be in place and perfectly fitted so that when you reach this pivotal milestone, you can walk toward your future with confidence and excitement.

That’s what Pathway Financial Planning is here to help you with. As a financial advisory firm that specializes in walking you through the transition to retirement, we understand the questions and concerns you face and the challenges that can cause stress, and we have a process designed that aims to help you spend the rest of your life focusing on what matters most to you.


Who We Are

We at Pathway Financial Planning partner with you to create a retirement distribution plan that strives to give you clarity in your financial life. We are passionate about helping you discover what is most important, and then working with you to set up your finances so you can put those things first, whether it’s family, close friends, financial freedom, hobbies, or your dreams. We believe that your money is a tool to enhance your life, not consume your life.

Along with prioritizing what matters, we also emphasize what we can control. That’s where our Path to Purpose FORMula™ comes in.


What We Do

We can’t control the markets or the economy as a whole. If your entire retirement plan rests on achieving a specific rate of return, you’ll be biting your nails until the end. But we can control the plethora of other factors that make up your retirement finances. That’s why we don’t just focus on how and where you invest your money and call it a day. We look at your entire financial life, assessing risk and liabilities, creating Social Security and pension strategies, and analyzing the tax efficiency of your plan, to name a few.

Our holistic approach leaves no stone unturned and is designed to be fluid, adjusting and course-correcting as your life unfolds and you face new changes or challenges. The Path to Purpose FORMula™ is built on 7 key pillars: wealth management, risk management, tax planning, legacy planning, cash management, philanthropy, and value-added services, such as education, technology tools, and more.


How We Work

You shouldn’t be tackling your entire financial and retirement picture alone, but neither should you give up your voice and just let someone else manage this crucial part of your life behind the scenes. Our mission is to work collaboratively with you in a way that enables you to make informed wealth management decisions. Together, we build a tailored, disciplined, and coordinated course of action that gives you purpose and clarity.

We know that making any single financial decision can cause a domino effect on all subsequent decisions. Because we view your retirement as a puzzle, we help you make choices in a way that positively impacts the entire puzzle and doesn’t throw anything out of whack, giving you the highest probability of retirement success and efficiency.


Who We Serve

If you haven’t picked up on it already, our passion is retirement! As such, our services are set up to best serve pre-retirees, retirees, accomplished individuals, and families. Regardless of their varied backgrounds, our clients have a few things in common. They are hardworking, middle-class professionals or semi-professionals who tend to be conservative investors who are nearing their career finish lines. Our clients value the long-term relationship we provide and desire to delegate their wealth management needs to someone with expertise and experience. They live with a sense of purpose and want to know they aren’t missing something in their retirement planning. They desire guidance so that they, hopefully, won’t run out of money and that their transition to retirement will be seamless.

If that’s you, you are in good company and we have a place for you at Pathway Financial Planning.


What Makes Us Unique

We are different from your average financial firm. In addition to our value-packed process, customized services, and commitment to our clients and their success, what sets us apart is our goal to put you first, always. We follow the Golden Rule and strive to do to others as we would want to be done to us. Our Christian values and passion for what we provide results in a respectful, caring relationship with our clients.


What’s Holding You Back?

As you look ahead to retirement, what do you see? Do you see organization, thorough planning, and excitement for the future? Or do you see worry and uncertainty? We want to make sure you see the former, not the latter. If you’re getting ready to transition to retirement, we invite you to lean on us at Pathway Financial Planning. Schedule a no-obligation 30-minute consultation today or connect with us at 765-698-5121, 513-785-0686 or

About Ben

Ben Harvey is president and senior financial planner at Pathway Financial Planning, Inc., an independent, comprehensive financial planning firm that prioritizes the client, each and every time. Ben spends his days staying on top of what’s going on in his clients lives, coordinating the financial planning process, helping people identify their goals, and evaluating whether they are on track. He designs and implements customized strategies all as part of the proprietary process, The Path to Purpose FORMula™. Ben has 15 years of experience in the financial industry, including years as a loan officer, trust officer, and financial advisor, and provides a unique skill set of business management, retail lending, legacy planning, comprehensive financial planning, and wealth management.

Outside of work, Ben enjoys spending time with his wife, Mandy, and their children, Cooper and Claire. They are active in their church, and especially love traveling, hosting friends and family, going to amateur sporting events (especially high school basketball and swimming), and experiencing different cultures. On occasion, you can find Ben playing golf, sometimes in amateur tournaments, which he credits for teaching him patience. He will also tackle the occasional home improvement project, read non-fiction, and watch documentaries. Through experience and “honey-do lists,” Ben has learned to never start a project he’s not ready to finish. To learn more about Ben, connect with him on LinkedIn.