Retire With Purpose: An Easy Strategy To Simplify Your Distributions

An Inside Look At The Bucket Strategy & How It Helps Identify Purpose Behind Your Investment Decisions

Transitioning into retirement is exciting and scary all at the same time. You’re starting a new chapter in life—one where you call all the shots. But your paychecks stop, which means you go from growing your wealth to finally living off of it. 


The transition from accumulating wealth to withdrawing from it can be a challenge for many pre-retirees. How much do you withdraw? How often? What do you do if markets are down but you need money?


Join me in this exclusive webinar as I teach you a simple strategy you can use to simplify your distributions in retirement. 


We’ll talk about: 


  • How to build a retirement income from your investments

  • My #1 recommended retirement distribution strategy

  • An inside look at the bucket strategy

  • How it helps you identify the purpose behind your investment decisions

  • A sample bucket portfolio

  • What we do at Pathway Financial Planning

  • How we help simplify your financial life as you transition into retirement


I’ve spent over 10 years in the financial services industry. During that time, I’ve helped numerous pre-retirees, families, and accomplished individuals transition into retirement. Watch this webinar to learn how I can help you too. 


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About Ben Harvey

Ben Harvey is president and senior financial planner at Pathway Financial Planning, Inc., an independent, comprehensive financial planning firm that prioritizes the client, each and every time. Ben spends his days staying on top of what’s going on in his clients lives, coordinating the financial planning process, helping people identify their goals, and evaluating whether they are on track. He designs and implements customized strategies all as part of the proprietary process, The Path to Purpose FORMula™. Ben has 15 years of experience in the financial industry, including years as a loan officer, trust officer, and financial advisor, and provides a unique skill set of business management, retail lending, estate and trust administration and planning, comprehensive financial planning, and wealth management. To learn more about Ben, connect with him on LinkedIn.